FREE HubSpot Onboarding Kickstart

Get the hands-on support and guidance you need to set up and use HubSpot to grow traffic, generate leads, and achieve your goals. 

Component 28 – 1

Get HubSpot onboarding services for FREE* with Muloo's new packaged solution! Chat with us today to streamline your digital transformation. 

What You'll Get

Component 33 – 1

  • Account Set Up (Time, Currency, Address, Branding)
  • Technical Connect (Website, Marketing Email, Social Platforms, Google, Social Ads)
  • 10 x Creation of Custom Properties
  • 5 x Users & Permissions Set Up
  • 1 x Contact List Upload (client to supply pre-mapped CSV)
  • 1 x List segmentation (example newsletter)
  • 1 x Basic Form Creation
  • 2 x Standard Marketing Email templates (1x regular and 1x automated)
  • 1 x Persona with Hubspot persona tool

How Does it Work?

Well, we're glad you asked! Take a look at our process chart below for more information. We know it looks simple and that's because it is. We have taken the complication out of HubSpot Onboarding, just for YOU.

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What You Need to Know 

In order to qualify for this deal you must be a new HubSpot customer onboarding Pro or Enterprise level products with a minimum HubSpot spend of $800/month in accordance with our agency.


If you have very recently (within the last day or two) signed up for professional onboarding services through HubSpot, reach out to us anyway, we may still be able to help.

Why Us?

As a highly acclaimed Hubspot Solutions Partner, Muloo Inbound delivers Hubspot implementations, services, and enablement.


We have successfully supported many clients with their onboardings and enablement journeys, putting them on the road to achieving their specific business, sales, and marketing objectives.


Attract more visitors, engage more prospects and win more customers with us.

Component 32 – 1


Websites builds & managed CMS


HubSpot software Implementations


HubSpot portals under our management


Years being a HubSpot partner


What is not included in the package, but available to me as a service?

The package includes everything stated above. As a digital agency we offer an array of services. Kindly request our price list. Depending on the complexity of your needs and prior experience with CRM and marketing automation, you may need additional paid onboarding services.

Do I need to sign a contract with Muloo?

There is no contract with us during this onboarding process, but we will be happy to assess your custom needs and quote accordingly. This is not a substitute for a full retainer experience.

What happens if my contract with HubSpot is no longer valid?

If your contract with HubSpot churns or is discontinued within the first 12 months, you will be responsible for paying for Muloo’s onboarding services at our project rate.

Can you assist me with Sales Pro or CRM Pro onboarding?

Unfortunately this offer is only free for HubSpot Marketing Pro onboarding, but we will give you a free quote on any additional onboarding services you require. A number of companies will require more than 10 hours of professional onboarding services.

Can I make use of this free service for more than one portal?

The package allows for 1 Hubspot portal (i.e. 1 entity).

Got more questions? One of our experts can assist.